Genuine Water Retaining Agent

— the “mini-reservoir” of Plants

A Pack Rain granule can absorb plenty of water and turn into a water gel . When soil is dry enough, this kind of  water gel would release water back to plants and turn to granule form again.

Unlike other water retaining agent, Pack Raineffect last for years.

  • Improve seed germination & emergence, give plants an early, health start;
  • Contains Potassium and release the fertilizer efficiency slowly;
  • Save the irrigation and improve the soil water holding capacity 85% (for sand);
  • Increase crops and fruit yield 70% (for melon planting in California).

Pack Rain is Versatile

Widely used in corps, trees, grass and all the plants…

Better Than You Think !

Local Field Report

packrain-potassium polyacrylate manufacturer-test03

Lettuce (Location: Japan)


The lettuces in Pack Rain pot have increased by 64.13% in yield.

packrain-potassium polyacrylate manufacturer-test02

Oat (Location: Argentine)


“These last pictures are from last week, and are to reap almost. After we move the machine to harvest, the yields of oats with your SAP increased almost 60%, which is far excited than we expect.”

packrain-potassium polyacrylate manufacturer-test01

Wheat, flax,  barley (Location: Kazakhstan)


  1. Wheat + 49% Yield
  2. Flax + 55% Yield
  3. Barley + 43% Yield

Hot Sale

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Customer Review

I want to say we are very satisfied about the previous delivery and want to continue doing business with you(r company).

Danish, Netherlands

About the product, we are OK, will been sold I think almost everything,and it’s great, because all the sellsare for dry a little bit in the fields of our clients.

Sebastian, Chile

The holidays are finished and right now we are planting around 10,000 trees with packrain.
I will keep you update.

Enrico, Kenya

Our client satisfied with your SAP quality and services, for next order I will contact you in next Monday.

Mariann, Netherlands

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